Stony Point Orientation

As soon as i arrived at  the Stony Point Center I knew this year was going to be a huge change. I don’t know why but i assumed this week would be a lot like summer camp. I would meet a lot of people who were similar to me and we’d sing songs and do a big mission project. The only difference would be that our mission project would last an entire year…….. I tossed my luggage and back pack into my room and was confident that i would go out and meet people. I very quickly found that i had very little in common with the people there. I heard the words “grad school” far too often and it was a little intimidating. I remember thinking that this week was going to feel like a lifetime. Day after day we had bible study, small group, a speaker and worship. Day after day I began to enjoy my time there more and more.  I met so many influential people in the ever-growing field of social justice. Towards the end of my week I began to realize how beautiful a place it is. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the short time I was able to spend there. It truly was a phenomenal experience.

Since orientation i have forgotten the order in which the speaker gave their presentations. There was a lot of talk about the responsibility of people with privilege.  (such as the privilege of everyone taking a year off to be a YAV) We talked about the position a lot of people who have served time behind bars and now must live a life restricted. We spoke about race and the many difficulties of living a life defined by race. We spoke about Labor Unions which is a topic I’m very passionate about. Here’s a shout out to my dad, a previous Union Representative of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters!!! There was a lot packed into a week and even more to process afterward.