Stony Point Orientation

As soon as i arrived at  the Stony Point Center I knew this year was going to be a huge change. I don’t know why but i assumed this week would be a lot like summer camp. I would meet a lot of people who were similar to me and we’d sing songs and do a big mission project. The only difference would be that our mission project would last an entire year…….. I tossed my luggage and back pack into my room and was confident that i would go out and meet people. I very quickly found that i had very little in common with the people there. I heard the words “grad school” far too often and it was a little intimidating. I remember thinking that this week was going to feel like a lifetime. Day after day we had bible study, small group, a speaker and worship. Day after day I began to enjoy my time there more and more.  I met so many influential people in the ever-growing field of social justice. Towards the end of my week I began to realize how beautiful a place it is. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the short time I was able to spend there. It truly was a phenomenal experience.

Since orientation i have forgotten the order in which the speaker gave their presentations. There was a lot of talk about the responsibility of people with privilege.  (such as the privilege of everyone taking a year off to be a YAV) We talked about the position a lot of people who have served time behind bars and now must live a life restricted. We spoke about race and the many difficulties of living a life defined by race. We spoke about Labor Unions which is a topic I’m very passionate about. Here’s a shout out to my dad, a previous Union Representative of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters!!! There was a lot packed into a week and even more to process afterward.


4 thoughts on “Stony Point Orientation

  1. It doesn’t matter where you are in your education. You will find common bonds. It sounds like you have already learned a lot. Please keep teaching us about social justice.


  2. Your last blog was so interesting and informative….I’m looking forward to hearing
    about your work/study/service this year!! You will be in my prayers. Mariella Pennal


  3. It was so good to hear from you and your initial impression of how different your first week was compared to what you thought it might be like. So glad to hear that you are learning so much and meeting some great people. You are going to be an awesome ambassador for Christ!!

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